• Birth of the Australian National Flag

    Australian National Flag – 1901 The Australian National Flag was born on September 3rd, 1901. This followed the Federation of Australia on January 1st, 1901, which was the formation of the Commonwealth of Australia. [View Details]
  • Fire Dept Patches Made by Kangjin Factory

    When you're a firefighter, your uniform is important. It's the first thing people see when they meet you and an extension of who you are as a person - which includes your Fire Dept Patches or badges! [View Details]
  • Create Badges to Make your Employees Shine

    Create Custom Badges to make your logo and employees shine! Customize your Die-Cut Badge with your favorite icon or brand and have your designs cut to any shape. Order in as little as 1 badge while leaving your clothing in perfect condition because of its magnetic attachments.   More About Badges Make Name Badges by uploading your logo and employee names, or showcase your logo for your brand at tradeshows, panel discussions and other networking events! Our Badges are made out of 60 thou styrene, and similarly to acrylic Badges, are incredibly durable for all purposes. Our inks are scratch-resistant, meaning you can show off these Badges for long periods of time without any wear and tear. Having a magnetic attachment is a terrific alternative to pinned Badges, as you can express your brand, your ideas, your designs without leaving a hole in your clothing. The magnetic strength holds even if you're wearing your bulkiest sweater, or your thickest wool coat. Choosing our die-cut Badges is also beneficial when compared to badges with lanyards, as it reduces the amount of accessories you need to purchase along with the Badge, and the magnetic back makes it extremely easy to put on and take off. For more information and video of the magnetic Badge backing, check out our  blog "Introducing: Custom Badges at StickerYou!". Not only can you customize your Badge with your favorite icon or brand, you can further personalize it by adding on your name! In some businesses and events, name tags are crucial. Make your brand, design, and name stand out with our custom writable Badges. You can choose to have your name printed on or even write it on yourself with permanent marker. You’re unique, and so is your handwriting, so why not personalize your Custom Badge by writing on your own name or personal message? Embrace one of the many things that makes you one-of-a-kind and make what matters stick with StickerYou’s Custom Badges! Don't worry about lamination! Just like the acrylic pins you see elsewhere, our Styrene Badges are waterproof, so you don't have to think twice about wearing your branded Badge for outdoor events like concerts, farmer's markets, outdoor patios and more! Not looking for Badges that serve a business purpose? Our custom die-cut badges can be ordered in quantities as little as one! If you have a favorite logo, photo, or statement that you want a custom lapel pin for, our Badges are a great alternative. With faster turnaround times compared to Enamel badges or enamel pins, your designs will show up to your doorstep in no time, and with the advantage of full-color print! Use these as Jacket Badges, or even on your favorite bag or accessory to personalize your wardrobe and make your personality shine! Need more than 250 Badges? Fill out this Custom Quote Form, and one of our sales representatives will be in contact with you to help you place an order.   Frequently Asked Questions: Q: How many Badges can I order? A: At StickerYou, you can order custom Name Badges in quantities as little as 1 or as many as your heart desires! Simply click on the Make Badges Now button above, then upload your own artwork or browse through thousands of designs in our Art Gallery. For orders with more than 250 badges, just fill out this form and one of our sales representatives will be in contact to help you place your order. Q: Where can my Custom Badges be applied? A: Since our Custom Badges use a magnetic attachment instead of a pin, you can show off your brand or personal expression without the fear of ruining your clothes. Whether you choose to wear your bulkiest sweater or thickest wool coat, you can be sure that your Badge will stay on strong due to its powerful magnets! You can also use our custom Magnetic Badges as jacket badges or add them on other accessories to personalize your outfits. Another great way to show off your brand or personal expression on clothes or accessories include our Custom Patches which can be ironed or sewn onto fabric garments and accessories. If you still need some assistance in terms of which wearable product is right for you, check out our recent blog post "People Branding: The Power of Wearables"! Q: What material are Custom Badges made out of? A: Made out of 60-thou styrene, our custom magnetic name tags are durable and will stay on strong for all of your business or personal events! We also use high quality inks that are scratch-resistant, so you can show off your brand, ideas, and designs for years to come. Our name badges are great, as they use a powerful magnet to attach to your clothes instead of a traditional pin that leave behind holes. We've removed the worry factor of ruining your clothes so that you can focus on making your brand or what matters to you stick! Q: What type of finish is available for Custom Badges? A: Custom Badges are available in a matte finish which gives them a beautiful, glare-free look. Matte badges offer a more natural appeal while still looking high-quality, making them perfect for any of your business or personal needs! Our Custom Name Badges are printed on a thick styrene material, making them extremely durable, sturdy, and presentable. Q: Will the color of the Badge match the color of my design? A: We print out your badges in full color using a CMYK process which lets you accurately achieve your desired brand color. With our custom die-cut badges, there’s no limit in size, shape, quantity or colors so you can be as creative and colorful as you want! When designing the artwork you'd like to print, it's always a good idea to design in CMYK vs. RGB, so you have an accurate idea of how your custom name tags will print. Q: Can my Badge be die-cut to match the shape of my logo or design? A: Our proprietary die-cutting technology allows your badge to be contour die-cut to the shape of your logo or design! Choose round, rectangular, square or create any shape for your custom die-cut badges to match your brand or design. You can get started by uploading the artwork you'd like to print to our Sticker Maker! Q: Can I write on my Custom Badge? A: Yes, you can further customize your badge and make it truly one-of-a-kind by writing on your own name! Choose to have your name printed on within your design or write it on yourself with permanent marker. Since name badges are crucial in some business and networking events, our custom writable badges are a great option to make your brand, design, and name stand out. Q: I need help creating my Badge, do you offer design services? A: We do! Contact and one of our sales team members will get back to you and help you with your order. Q: What’s the smallest size I can make my Badge? A: The smallest is 1.5”x1” as there needs to be enough room to be able to attach the magnets to make them badges. Q: What’s the largest size Badge I can order? A: With our editor the largest size you can order is 4”x4”. If you have a larger size in mind, contact and our team can look into it with you. Q: I’m making Badges for my employees with their names on them and our company logo. How do I create my badges so each one has a different name?  A: Once you've created the first Badge and its in your cart, click on the “duplicate” icon. From there, it will bring you back to the editor with your artwork ready to go and you can change the names and keep adding to your cart until you have all the badges you need.  Q: How long will my Custom Badge last? A: Along with being waterproof, weather resistant, and scratch-resistant, our Custom Name Badges will last five or more years! So, you can be sure that your badges will stay on strong and last long. Thanks to the thick styrene material that our badges are printed on, our custom name tags will stand up to the harshest of climates and situations. [View Details]
  • Make Name Badges & Event Check-in a Breeze

              Event Name Badge Essentials: 11 Tips to Avoid Conference Headaches           Name Badge nightmares? Welcome to the field of event planning! “The Badge” — seemingly an insignificant event detail — is often an afterthought during the race to the finish line. Every minute is precious in the days before a business professional event, so you might wonder if this tedious part of event prep is necessary. Do I really need conference Badges for my attendees? (Hint: Yes for 5 reasons.) I have contemplated this option many times. But having considered pros and cons, I believe the benefits of event Name Badges for the guests outweigh any sacrifices on the event prep team's side. Here's why: 1. People form connections when they hear their name. I've observed over and over again that people find comfort in hearing their own name. They “warm up” faster to other people who use their name. Especially at business events, this makes a good first impression and can get a conversation (and potential business relationship) off to a good start. Make Name Badges & event check-in a breeze Get Started Free 2. Most of us are terrible with names. The Name Badge serves as a reminder of the person's name — a basic personal detail that truly matters! When it’s there, it helps acquaintances avoid potential missteps. Having essential identifying information ‘at hand’ at the right time can open the door for opportunities, and provide a platform for your guests to shine and impress. 3. A conference Badge is a conversation starter. An event name tag is also a convenient conversation starter. I will admit, they might not be the most creative openers, but the first step into unknown waters can lead to meaningful developments and networking. 4. An event Badge can communicate more than just a name. Many people attend business events to network — and attendees want to know who they should connect with. If that’s the case, you can include other info on the Name Badge to help attendees recognize others. For instance, color-coded Name Badges can identify industry affiliates, sponsors, speakers, and such. 5. Event Badges are a social media opportunity. And last but not least, social media has also been gaining momentum in business circles. Adding Twitter handles and LinkedIn information to Badges can be a good idea. With mobile devices at the ready, this info makes connecting a quick and easy reality! Plan seamless events with easy event planning tools Get Started Free Follow These 11 Tips to Avoid Event Name Badge Snafus Now, let me share a few tips to avoid Name Badge nightmares, and to really nail conference Badges for your next big event. 1. Get it from the horse’s mouth Determine what information will go on the Name Badges early. Then request that information in the RSVP or ticket sales process. This way, you don't have to double check the attendee's details. 2. Use high-quality Name Badges The type of Badge you choose says a lot about the quality of your event. There are many options: clips, lanyard, magnets, stickers… Choose something that matches the formality of your event. Make sure it will not damage fabrics. Nobody wants to leave an event with holes, wrinkles, and adhesive stains on their outfit! 3. Brand your Badges Don't be shy to include the event or company logo on the event Name Badge. Boosting your brand recognition is priceless! 4. Make it clean and legible In most cases, it's sufficient to include first name, last name, and organization. If you're in the U.S., there's no need for titles such as Ph.D, MA, or the guest's position (the social standards vary in Europe, so beware!). Choose a simple text, dark color, and large font (I prefer 24-point font or larger). 5. Support networking Use color codes, graphics, or other markers to distinguish between attendants of different professional backgrounds, interests, etc. This helps people find each other and serves as a conversation starter. 6. Include social media info Twitter handles and LinkedIn profile info should be included on today's business name badges. They make following up as easy as 1-2-3. I prefer to add this info at the bottom left of the Badge. 7. Avoid long registration lines If your event has more than 50 attendees, create multiple lines (organized alphabetically) for picking up Name Badges. Make sure you have enough signage and staff to direct and support all guests. 8. Find just the right placement For visibility, encourage your guests to wear the Badge above the right breastbone. This is in line with your handshake, so this placement will minimize awkward glances. 9. Ban the makeshift Badge Just as there are always no-shows, there are also always guests who didn't make it through the formal registration process (or registered at the last minute). Have a system for producing additional event name tags in place. Today's small printers are divine! 10. Recycle your materials Collect Badges at the end of the event for “recycling,” and reuse them at your next event! It’s good for the wallet and the environment. 11. Let guests find their own Name Badge Rather than having staff sort through a stack of Badges, let guests find their own. Set up the badge pickup station near registration or check-in, but not so close that it slows down your process. As for how to organize Name Badges? Alphabetical by last name is easiest. Try easy customizable check-in software for any event Get Started Free Have more questions about conference Name Badges? What side does Name Badge go on? In the USA, name tags traditionally go above the pocket on the right side of your shirt. What is badge name? Badge name refers to a name on a badge that is different than the wearer's legal name. For example, Chris would be a common Badge name for people named Christopher. What is a good font for name tags? A large, simple, easy-to-read font is best. The first name should be quite large so as to be readable from a distance. What size are lanyards? A standard lanyard is 36 inches long, and either 3/8″ or 5/8″ wide. [View Details]
  • How to Select the Best Badge for your Campaign

    Custom Badges are a high-impact and cost-effective way to extend the visibility of your company or campaign. Lapel badges are popular and versatile and are worn by people of all ages in a number of ways. They come in an almost limitless variety of styles and designs, including Button Badges, Enamel Badges, Rubber Badges and three-dimensional die cast Badges. But with so many options, you might be asking yourself, how do I choose the right Badge for my campaign? To get the most out of your merchandise, it’s important to keep your customer and goals in mind. If you're chomping at the bit to add Badges to your marketing mix, this post is for you. We introduce you to some of the most Popular Badges available today to help you to select the Perfect Badge for your campaign. Button Badges: A Cost-Effective, Versatile Choice At Rocket Badge, Button Badges are one of our most popular options, year after year. It's no surprise why. These Badges are fun and cost-effective and are an ideal way to promote your logo, brand or message. Buttons raise awareness because they get noticed – many people wear them on coats, hats, backpacks or laptop bags. Button Badges are low-cost and practical, making them a perfect choice for giveaways or promotional campaigns. Or maybe speed is a factor. Do you want to be able to create something quickly, to capitalise on trending events or pop culture moments? Button Badges can be designed, created and shipped in minimal time. To help your Badge stand out from the rest, consider a creative, eye-catching design. Don’t forget about the size – try creating a clever oversized button or even a mini-button. If you market to families or children, we also offer Child-Safe Button Badges or Button Badge magnets for display at home or office. Enamel Badges: The Ideal Wearable Badge Do you want your customers to wear your Badge day after day, maybe as part of a uniform or as a fashionable piece of art? Bespoke Enamel Badges are a great option in this case as they are high-quality and long-lasting. Enamel badges are typically copper-stamped and come in a variety of qualities and finishes, such as glass or enamel. They also come in a full range of Pantone colours to ensure an accurate extension of your important corporate or campaign branding. Enamel Badges are a great choice among artists and retailers who want to showcase an original design or prestigious logo whilst keeping costs firmly within budget. Enamel Badges are also a great choice if you plan to sell your Badges in a shop, give them away as corporate gifts or provide to your employees to wear while working. Create a custom backing card or presentation box to add an extra air of prestige. Rubber Badges: A Modern Choice for Playful Brands Simply put, Rubber Badges are fun! These are perfect options for a playful brand or a quirky campaign. Rubber Badges can be made in any shape, colour or size so they're an ideal canvas for cartoon characters or youthful mascots to get your recipients really engaged with your brand. Rubberised soft PVC Badges are bright, tactile and versatile. These are made using soft PVC rubber which allows you to create a multilevel depth to your badge – lending it an interesting 3D look. 3D Die-Cast Badges: The Stand-Out Badge Get dimensional! 3D Die-Cast Badges really stand out (pardon the pun). These Badges lend a compelling visual impact with clean lines, defined recesses or chunky dimensions. A well-designed 3D Badge can help position your company as state of the art; our design team can help you turn your 2D brand or logo into a three-dimensional work of art. Perhaps you need a special Badge for internal promotions or as a VIP corporate gift? 3D Die-Cast Badges are an ideal choice.  Crafted from zinc alloy, they have a highly polished finish and are actually silky to the touch (trust us!) – which adds a noticeable, luxurious touch. Now that you have a better sense of some of the most popular types of Badges, think about how you would like to display or present them. Backing cards are a nice way to package your products and provide a little extra space for your messaging or brand story. We also have a range of presentation box options available that are perfect for displaying your Badges. These are perfect if you're using your Badges for special occasions, like service recognition awards. Our small custom presentation boxes will give you a true photo finish! If you'd like to see some examples of backing cards or presentation boxes just give us a call. At Rocket Badge, we always offer free design service, so get in touch and see what we can create for you! [View Details]
  • Tips for Creating An Name Badge

    One thing that every event manager needs to know is – how do you create a name Badge that helps people  connect with one another? This sounds like a relatively simple task, but there's actually quite a bit that goes into making an effective event Badge. We'll go over some general tips explaining what goes into a good quality Badge, and how to create one that's going to perform well in a variety of event situations.   What is a Name Badge? A name Badge is a tag that people wear at events for identification, engagement and data intelligence. It’s a marketing tool for companies and a good way for people to identify one another. They are typically paper or card stock descriptions of the person wearing them, and they are held within a lanyard and a plastic card holder. The finished product simply hangs around an attendee’s neck and serves as an important identifier. Badges aren’t very complicated, but they are made up of multiple parts that all have to come together to do their job properly.   What's the Benefit of a Good Design It is crucial to create a name Badges that resonates with the event. It makes people more comfortable in talking with one another and also serves as a helpful ice breaker. These Badges give little bits of information that guests can utilize to open up conversations and begin networking. It’s difficult to get just the right balance and create name Badges of top quality.   10 Tips for Achieving an Effective Name Badges Design It's not always obvious how you can make a name Badges of great quality, but here's an overview of the considerations involved and how to make the very best Badges that you can for your budget.   1. Choose a Reliable and Adjustable Lanyard One of the most important decisions that an event manager must make is selecting the lanyard that will be used to create a name Badges. It needs to hold the tag in a position that’s going to be easily readable – always. That means it must not swivel around, and it should be height adjustable for different sized people. The best way to avoid the swivelling issue is by using a double-ended lanyard. Take the time to properly evaluate the lanyards for your event name Badges, and try them out on multiple people of different sizes if possible.    2. Pick a Font Size that's Easily Readable One of the biggest mistakes that prevents custom event Badges from being effective is the font size that is just too small. Nobody wants to squint to read a guest’s name, and tags that are too small might prevent people from talking to one another, or make it more difficult at the very least.   3. Select a Font that Works with Long Names Some guests will have longer names and want them to show fully on the tag. It’s important that your name Badges accommodates lengthy names without them coming out distorted on the tag. Choose a font size and font type that accepts longer names without an issue.   4. Include a Job Title An effective name Badges doesn't just show off the person's first and last name, it should also give valuable information that helps people open up to one another as well. One important piece of information is the job title. Right under the name on the name Badges, you should include a person's job title. This little bit of information helps like-minded people connect with one another, and can be a valuable tool for forging new relationships.   5. Consider Multicolored Badges While it's much cheaper to go with black and white Badges designs, it’s more effective to use Badges that allow for colors. Whether you want to add a company logo, a description of the event or other styles on the Badges, they all show up better when colored. By picking out multicolored tags, designers will have more on their palette to work with, allowing for higher quality unique creations.   6. Make Sure Bar Codes or QR Codes Scan through the Protectors Effective conference Badges all make use of plastic sleeves to keep them in good shape. It’s important to verify that any barcodes or QR codes that are added onto the tags scan effectively through those plastic sleeves. Always test them out with a smartphone or barcode scanner before committing to a design or sleeve.   7. Select a Durable Badges Material Events often last several days before they end. For that reason, it’s important that the tag portion of effective event Badges is durable. It's best if it is made from a heavy vinyl if it must last multiple days. For single day events, the sticker or thin vinyl tags will often be durable enough. It’s very important to make sure the Badges material can handle the task that you have for it.   8. Buy Badges in Bulk Another tip for creating a name Badges set at an affordable rate is to print off the Badges in bulk. Try to produce as many as possible at one time to get lower prices. Also consider buying things like lanyards and plastic holders in much greater supply than you need at a time. For instance, when buying holders for a 50 person event, it would likely be much more affordable to buy 500 holders instead of 50. The price will be a bit more initially, but over time the savings will be substantial. Be careful to avoid buying too few lanyards and plastic covers to go with your Badges, or you’ll run the risk of spending far more money than you have to at the end.   9. Getting the Size Just Right Generally a Badges that’s around 4” by 3” in size is just right when you create a name Badges that’s going to work at events. It’s important when creating a Badges to avoid making it too large or too small. If it’s too large, people either won't want to wear it, or they will be uncomfortable while doing so. If it's too small, it won't show off enough information or it won't show in a large enough font to be useful. It's important to get a balance between these two extremes for best results. To make sure you get a size that you're going to like using, try out a few different dimensions to see what you prefer the most. Don't rush when deciding on what to use, and make sure that you test out more than one option before making your final decision.   10. Hire a Good Graphic Designer It’s not as easy as it seems choosing graphics, fonts and placement of all the details on an event Badges. The best way to go when creating one from scratch is to hire a professional to take on the project for you. They will already have some ideas on how to create a quality product and should be able to come up with a custom creation that meets all your specific needs. Don’t rush through the design process and don’t try to do it yourself – unless you have some serious design skills. Instead, outsource the work to save time and get better quality results.   Examples of Excellent Badges The Singapore FinTech Festival 2016 name Badges below are an excellent example of good quality products for a few different reasons: singapore fintech festival 2016 gevme name Badges designs   The first is that the name is clear and the font is easy to read. The tag also utilizes two attachment points to prevent it from spinning around during use. It’s rich with color and attractive to look at. To top it all off, the tag comes with a large QR code that appears to be easy to scan. This will make it easy for attendees to give out their information and create new contacts quickly.   Conclusion As an event manager, it's important to understand the process for creating a name Badges. The design of a name Badges is simple, but following the above tips will help you create a better quality finished product in the end. Just be careful to make a usable product that's going to encourage new connections, and you'll receive nothing but positive feedback regarding the Badges for your events. Spend a bit more time deciding on the different elements of an event Badges and invest a bit more into the final product before making the purchase. Buying cheap Badges might seem like a good way to save money on your event, but it's actually one of the biggest mistakes that you can make. You won't save much, and will dramatically lower the experience of the attendees. If anything, it makes more sense to invest more budget into your name Badges to make sure that they turn out as good as possible. Start optimizing your GEVME Onsite experiences with effective name Badges. [View Details]
  • Custom Rubber Labels for the Clothing

    Catch the eye Our Rubber Labels provide a vibrant, eye-catching label for promoting your brand. Material options include PVC, silicone and TPU so we have something to suit every style of garment. [View Details]
  • Why select PVC Sticker for your product?

    Ever wondered what kind of Sticker Label we would choose? Which type is suitable for our product Suitable for use by customers to stick to our products well. [View Details]
  • How to Choose PVC Labels for Garment?

    PVC labels are the special tags for clothing; they are usually sewn on the clothing, hats, shoes, canvas covers, bags and sweatshirts to promote the brand image. [View Details]
  • How to Production and Sell The Enamel Pins in 2021

    Enamel pins have exploded in the fashion world and entrepreneurs everywhere are wondering how to take advantage of this business opportunity. [View Details]


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