Cute Embroidery Patch

Our Cute Embroidery Patch made of high-quality twill, which is durable and reusable. it can be used for a long time.  You can iron it on the clothes you like, or you can iron it on the bags, caps you think is drab, or other place you would like; or your clothes and pants, if damaged, can be used to cover the damaged area.  If your clothes are dirty by oil or other things hard to clean, you can sew a delicate embroidery patch on it to cover it.
If you are a biker or motorcycle lover, then you will want to find some biker /motorcycle patches to iron on your biker clothes, we will glad to provide professional biker patches for you!
If you are garment maker, you will need to buy patches to decorate the clothes, welcome to choose the suitable patches in my factory,  just feel free to contact us!

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