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Friendship Pins with Russia&China

Friendship Pins with Russia&China

Product Abstract:

Friendship Pins with Russia&China Russia-China Lapel Pins are symbols of solidarity with a powerful message! Small badges often speak louder than big words.

Product Description
Badges can be created by our exceptional award-winning design team, or from artwork supplied by you. Manufactured to the highest standards using premium-quality metal and enamels that are perfect for any educational body. Our high-quality enamel badges, created for schools, company, organization etc. are available in any Pantone colour and are fully customisable.
Friendship Pins with Russia&China
Russia-China Lapel Pins are symbols of solidarity with a powerful message! Small badges often speak louder than big words.
Russia-China Lapel Pins: Russia-China, stamped brass, hard enamel, gold-plated, approx. 22 mm, with butterfly clutch, packaged separately.
Beside our Special Offers, Crossed Flag Pins can be customized to feature virtually any country combination.

Products Features:

Item name: Friendship Pins with Russia&China
Material: Iron
Size approx.: 22mm
Colors:  match the colors as Pantone
Accessories: 1pcs butterfly button
Technology: polish, iron brass plate, painted and epoxy surface 
Package: 1 pieces per plastic bag

We Offer Custom Friendship Pins with Russia&China for: 

Special events
Employee recognition
Years of service
Volunteer gifts
The Best Flag Pins Manufacturer:
Let us help your business make a Friendship Pins with Russia&China or lapel pin with your logo. We specialize in making custom enamel pins, we have been perfecting our craft for nearly 20 years, and specialize in being an enamel pin manufacturer from your ideas and sketches. Our talented team will create artistic and unique logos that are custom for your particular project. We’ll walk you through the whole process from creating your artwork, to how our products are made, to a quick production timeline. Send us your sketch and let us help you create the perfect crafts. Please CLICK HERE! or contact us right now Tel: 86-769-33290361 Email: sales@dekayemb.com

The Friendship Pins with Russia&China is a powerful symbol of democracy and freedom of all people around the world. Government buildings, schools and many private offices fly flags outside. Citizens display the flag proudly on their front porches, vehicles and during parades. Of course, some use Friendship Pins with Russia&China to show off their patriotism. For those who prefer to wear Friendship Pins with Russia&China, knowing the etiquette is essential. After all, the flag is a beloved, sacred symbol for many people.

The Friendship Pins with Russia&China Code is the ultimate source when it comes to pin-wearing etiquette. According to the code, the flag represents a living country and is itself considered a living thing. Therefore, the Friendship Pins with Russia&China being a replica, should be worn on the left lapel near the heart. Though some organizations may ask their associates to wear Pins in a different location, this isn’t kosher under the flag Code. As with any important cause, the logic is that you should wear your patriotism near to your heart.  However, for men who are wearing ties but not blazers, the preferred placement for the Friendship Pins with Russia&China is on the center of the tie. It should be used on its own and not in conjunction with another tie tack. Individuals who are wearing neither jackets nor ties should place Friendship Pins with Russia&China on the left side of their shirts and just above their hearts.
When wearing a Friendship Pins with Russia&China, it’s essential to make sure that it is firmly attached to your jacket. Make sure that the Friendship Pins with Russia&China can’t spin around as it is unacceptable under the Flag Code to display the flag upside down. In addition to being a no-no under the law, wearing an upside-down flag could also lead others to believe that you actually oppose this Country.
The Flag Code clearly states that military personnel, policemen, firemen and members of other patriotic organizations can wear Friendship Pins with Russia&China as part of a formal uniform. As with other situations, the Pin should be worn on the left lapel of the uniform. In military settings, prevailing dress standards must also be followed when wearing a Friendship Pins with Russia&China.
As an important symbol of the country, the use of Friendship Pins with Russia&China on costumes or sports uniforms is generally prohibited. However, these regulations tend to take the least precedence when it comes to etiquette. We’ve all seen Friendship Pins with Russia&China used as part of costuming in a Hollywood movie or have spotted athletes sporting them during post-game press conferences. In these cases, it’s more about the intent of the pin’s wearer than following hard-and-fast rules.



1. Inquiry Friendship Pins with Russia&China -Professional quotation (provide the design or sample, and tell us about the size, quantity or other request)
2. Confirm the price, lead time, artwork, payment term etc.
3. Sales send the Proforma Invoice with seal.
4. Customer make the payment for deposit and send us Bank receipt.
5. Initial Production Stage-Inform the clients that we have got the payment, And will make the Friendship Pins with Russia&China samples according to your request, send you photos or Samples to get your approval. After approval, we inform that we will arrange the    production & inform the estimated time.
6. Middle Production-send photos to show the production line which you can see your products in. Confirm the estimated delivery time again.
7. End Production-Mass production products photos and Friendship Pins with Russia&China samples will send to you for approval. You can also arrange the third party Inspection.

8. Clients make payment for balance and Freedom Ship the goods. Also can accept payment term-Balance against B/L Copy payment Term. Inform the tracking number and check the status for clients.

9. Order can be say “finish” when you receive the goods and satisfy with them.
10. Feedback to Freedom about 
Friendship Pins with Russia&China's Quality, Service, Market Feedback & Suggestion. And we can do better.

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